Goro Ito

Cloud Happiness

Sep 29, 2010


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Goro Ito is a rare writer and a musician, cut from the same stone as Jobim but a voice all of his own. The harmony he manages to craft is post Jobim and Gilberto but collides with European and Japanese experimentation to create a sound unique to Goro. Working on his music, as I was lucky to recently, I discovered a love for harmony that I thought few other writers possessed. Goro Ito raises the bar for us all. — Sean O'Hagan

1. Happiness (Goro Ito) 3:41
2. Captain Coo With A Butterfly (Goro Ito / Kazuyuki Aoshiba) 4:28
3. The Sun Is Shining (Goro Ito) 3:57
4. Cruel Park #C (Goro Ito) 3:08
5. Interlude (Goro Ito) 1:10
6. De Longueuil À Berlin (Michel Rivard) 2:27
7. Down In The Valley (Goro Ito) 3:48
8. Snow (Goro Ito) 3:07
9. White Book (Goro Ito) 2:10
10. Postludium #3 (Silvestrov Valentin) 3:41
11. By This River (Brian Eno) 4:21
Total Time 36:33

Special Guests: Yukihiro Takahashi, Sean O’Hagan, Valgeir Sigurðsson

Art Work: Shimon Minamikawa "Polka Dots, Black And Woman" 2009 (MISAKO & ROSEN)
Design: Atsuki Kikuchi (Bluemark)

Yukihiro Takahashi: Drums tr.2
Sean O'Hagan: Piano, 6String Steel Guitar, Filtered Wurlitzer, Wurlitzer Bass, Electric Guitar tr.2 Recorded By Sean O'Hagan in London
Valgeir Sigurðsson: Programming tr.8

Taro Umebayashi: Piano tr., Toy Piano tr.6, Bass tr.3, Seigen Tokuzawa: Cello tr.4.6.11, Aya Ito: Violin tr.4.10, Shigeki Ippon: Contrabass tr.6, Jyoji Sawada: Contrabass, Electric Bass tr.11, Yuta Suganuma: Drums tr.6.11, Yoko Ito: Drums tr1.3.7.

Goro Ito: Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Bells, Wurlitzer, All Other Instruments, Arrangements & Produce

Lyrics Adviser: Kazuyuki Aoshiba (333DISCS)
Coordination: Fumie Sasabe (LONDON), Yuka Ogura (ICELAND)
Liner Notes: Norio Fukuda (Sweet Dreams)

Recorded: Tadashi Nakamura: tr.11
Recorded, Mixed & Masterd: Kentaro Ino

Hair & Make Up: Miyuki Oya (BRUNO)
Photography: Tomoko (cholon)