Aug 8, 2007

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The Penguin Cafe orchestra, formed by Simon Jeffes with several musicians gathered in his room, mixed many different types of music with rich and varied ideas and wits.
In the late 70's, their music was called "ambient music" or"environmental music" and loved by people all over the world.
I have loved and listened to their music since their debut.
In 2004, I came up with the idea of making this tribute album to The Penguin Cafe.
These twelve songs in this album reflect deep affections by participating musicians for them.
I am so glad to release the album in 2007, the tenth anniversary of Simon's death, in his beloved place Japan.

With my love to Simon,


1. Penguin Cafe Single / Shigeomi Hasumi
2. Air A Danser / The Other Four
3. Telephone And Rubber Band / Takako Minekawa
4. Pythagoras's Trousers / Yukihiro Takahashi
5. Paul's Dance / Ryuichi Sakamoto + Ren Takada
6. Simon's Dream / anonymass
7. Music For A Found Harmonium / MOOSE HILL 
8. Isle Of View (Music For Helicopter Pilots) / Steve Jansen
9. Southern Jukebox Music / HAAS a.k.a. Hiroshi Takano
10. Sketch / KAMA AINA
11. Perpetuum Mobile / Masakatsu Takagi
12. Vega / Teruoki Mishina

Produced by Goro Ito (MOOSE HILL)