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Naomi and Goro has disclosed information about cover art images and bonus tracks for their 10th album “CAFE BLEU SOLID BOND.”

Their 10th album is a total cover album of Style Counsil’s masterpiece “Cafe Bleu.”
It’s near completion and going to be on market on March 6th.

Berlin based design team “Simple Society” takes charge of the cover art.
The jacket image represents milk and coffee poured into a cup making cappuccino foam in the blue back ground.
It also implicates the Mods’ icon “R.A.F. target mark.”

Inside of the jacket, you can see the images of milk and coffee mixing together gradually.
This is an expression of passage of time that you spend at a cafe.
Please wait till you listen to the music packed in this simple but conceptual art work.

This album packs all songs of Style Counsil’s “Cafe Bleu.”
On top of that, it includes two bonus tracks.

One is 12 inch single version “My ever changing moods”,that was released in 1984.
The band sound makes it radically different from album version.
Naomi and Goro also played it in their own band style.

Another one is “English Rose” from Paul Weller’s previous group the Jam.
Goro dealt with the famous ballad from their third album “All Mod Cons.”

Please look forward to the variety of 15 songs.


2013 March 6th on sale.
3,000yen(tax inc.)
commmons / Avex Marketing Inc.

■Song List
01. Mick’s Blessings
02. The Whole Point Of No Return
03. Me Ship Came In!
04. Blue Café
05. The Paris Match
06. My Ever Changing Moods
07. Dropping Bombs On The Whitehouse
08. A Gospel
09. Strength Of Your Nature
10. You’re The Best Thing
11. Here’s One That Got Away
12. Headstart For Happiness
13. Council Meetin’
14. My Ever Changing Moods (Band Ver.)
15. English Rose (from All Mod Cons / The JAM)

All songs & strings arranged by Goro Ito
Tr. 4 & 7 strings co-arranged by Aya Ito

Naomi Fuse: Vocal / Chorus
Goro Ito: Classical Guitar / Electric Guitar / Electric Bass / Keyboard / Programming Percussions / Drums on tr. 8, 13 / Piano on tr. 13

Masayasu Tzboguchi: Piano on tr. 3, 7, 12
kotringo: Piano on tr. 6, 14
Akita Goldman: Bass on tr. 3, 4, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14
Midorin: Drums on tr. 3, 5, 7, 11, 12, 14
Hiroshi Suzuki: Alto Sax on tr. 12 / Tenor Sax on tr. 3, 7, 8, 14 / Baritone Sax on tr. 7, 8
Yusuke Orita: Trumpet on tr. 7, 12 / Flugelhorn on tr. 3, 11, 14
Aya Ito: Violin on tr. 4, 7
Shohei Yoshida: Violin on tr. 4, 7
Mikiyo Kikuchi: Viola on tr. 4, 7
Robin Dupuy: Cello on tr. 4, 7
Yoko Ito: Drums on tr. 1, 9
Tangent Grafikas: Chorus on tr. 3