Goro Ito

Goro Ito

Spiral Records

”This is what romantic, lyrical and truly borderless music sounds like
– Ryuichi Sakamoto”

1. Glashaus
2. Five Steps
3. November
4. Tone Revenge
5. Obsession
6. Wings
7. Beaches
8. A Stamp
9. Glashaus -with strings*
10. Wings -with piano

All Composed,Arranged & Produced
by Goro Ito

Guitar : Goro Ito
Cello, *Strings Arrange : Jaques Morelenbaum
Piano : André Mehmari
Piano : Marcos Nimrichter
Bass : Jorge Helder
Violin : Bernardo Besseler

Cover Art : Donald Evans 《Yteke》1938. Airpost. Sea birds and maritime landscapes. (1976)
Design : Takashi Hiraide (via wwalnuts)

— Recorded (Tokyo)
October 20th 2011, December 29th 2011,
February 6th 2012 at Pastoral Sound
Recording / Mixing Engineer: Taiji Okuda (studio MSR)
Piano Technician: Michiko Mikata

— Recorded (Rio de Janeiro)
January 4th 2012 at Biscoito Fino
January 8th, 9th & 10th 2012 at Rockit! Studios
Recording Engineer: Duda Mello (Rockit! Studios)
Assistant Engineer: Lucas Ariel (Biscoito Fino)

Mastered by John Davis (Metropolis Mastering Studios)

Sean O’Hagan (The High Llamas)

Once again we are treated to the near perfect musical world of Goro Ito . This time he presents his ideas with the simple but lovely
combination of guitar piano and strings, on the instrumental album Glashaus . Within this discipline a full wonderous and exploration
happens , a bringing together of Japan , Brazil and Europe but oh so modern,alive , yes,full of hope .
Glashaus appears twice , once at the beginning of the record then returning with the gift of strings , one thinks of how many different interpretations one musician can present ?Goro Ito poses these questions .
The musicians who join Goro Ito ,Andre Mehmari on piano Marcos Nimrichter also playing piano , bass player Jorge Helder and cellist and string arranger Jaques Morelenbaum , must have shared something special during the time they spent together, the unique flavour of Glashaus.
For me Goro Ito’s music is the demonstration of the intelligence that is missing from so much of todays culture . He seems to understand what was special from past and what is special about the present.
The perfect blend of pan national culture through music is surely a template for progressive thinking and policy. Experimenting
with harmony and form while referncing the great expressions of past legacy is so refreshing and we hear it so boldly on this record .
As an English man (half Irish ) in Japan I am struck by the eclectic buzz of music that pervades Japnese society . This happens in a department store as well as a well attended cool bar.
I think Goro Ito is a product of this insight and wonderful buzz .
Please enjoy these moments and once again thankyou Goro Ito .

André Mehmari

For me it was a great pleasure to be a part of the beautiful new album
by Goro Ito. His sound is crystal-clear and he has a sharp creative
pencil. His title composition Glashaus moved me very much for its
universal message and I think that the combination of guitar and piano
was just perfect for the tune. The alternate take with strings gains
still additional depth and reverberation…. The nostalgic pavan, the
lyrical ‘November’ makes me think of Gabriel Fauré walking on a
traditional Japanese landscape, with all the abundant flowering Sakura
trees surrounding an old temple in Kyoto.
I wish all the best for Goro-san on his new project that is at once
dense, intimate, contemplative and transparent, and I hope we can meet
again soon. Japan is one of my most beloved places in the world and
I’m honored to have such good friends there. Domo arigato.

Renato Motha & Patricia Lobato

Since we arrived from Japan, we have heard the CDs that we won there
and really enjoyed the CD Glashaus, it’s very beautiful! This album
has an elegant work and mature, the songs are beautiful and your
guitar playing very well, the same your mucisians, we love it!
Your songs are a harmonious fragrance in our house! Thank you very
much and congratulations!