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naomi & goro “passagem”
Naomi and Goro,a bossa nova duo adoring João Gilberto, A.C.Jobim, and Brazilian music, release their 8th album.
This album totally consists of their original songs including 4 re-recorded numbers. The top-flight musicians in Rio de Janeiro gathered for this recording session like the previous 7th album “Bossa Nova Songbook 2”.
What is special in this album is two guest players, Jaques Morelenbaum on cello and Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano, are featured.
This is certainly a “must” album not only for bossa nova fans, but also for all music listeners.
1. [Days of May]
music: Goro Ito /Lyrics: Goro, Yoko Satori
2. [Southern Cross 7]
music: Naomi Fuse
3. [Gabriela]
music: Goro Ito /Lyrics: Goro,Kazuyuki Aoshiba
4. [Silent Clouds]
music: Goro Ito /Lyrics:Goro,Kazuyuki Aoshiba
5. [Soup Song]
music: Goro Ito /Lyrics: Tarcov, Naomi Fuse
6. [Rua Caminhoá] (Instrumental)
music: Goro Ito
7. [No Return]
music: Goro Ito Lyrics: Goro, Chinatsu Shoyama
8. [Ran Into A Bookstore]
music: Goro Ito /Lyrics: Naomi Fuse
9. [3 de Março] (Instrumental)
music: Goro Ito
10. [I See Me Passing By]
music: Carlos Lyra, Kate Lyra
11. [Good Night Song]
music: Goro Ito /Lyrics: Yoko Ito, Steve Sacks

naomi & goro
Vocal: Naomi Fuse
Guitar: Goro Ito

Piano: Itamar Assiere
Bass: Jorge Helder
Drums & Percussions: Rafael Barata
Flute, Flauta & Soprano Sax: Eduardo Neves
Flugelhorn: Vander Nascimento

Cello: Hugo Pilger
Violin: Bernardo Bessler
Violin: Gustavo Menezes
Viola: Christine Springuel

Piano: Ryuichi Sakamoto (tr.1)
Cello: Jaques Morelenbaum (tr.11)

Produced & Arranged by Goro Ito

É um prazer estar colaborando com Naomi e Goro nesse projeto aqui no Brasil, tocar… Gostei muito da música composta por eles, “Good Night Song”, é uma música muito delicada.
E acho muito bonito essa aproximação das culturas, terras tão distantes, podendo ser irmanadas , podendo estar juntos através da música.
I am very glad to be involved in Naomi and Goro’s project here in Brazil.I think it’s very wonderful that differnt cultures of two distant countries grow together like brothers through the music.                  Jaques Morelenbaum

Goro and Naomi present us this new fresh album with unreleased material. I consider Goro Ito a talented and original composer. His musical choices have a particular flavor and I like specially the way he absorbs and processes the Brazilian sounds that permeate his work. This is what one can really call universal. Congratulations ! Mario Adnet

I’m very glad to have met and worked with such 2 great artists as “naomi and goro”. Goro’s original songs are masterpieces of beauty and inspiration and his guitar playing is great. And Naomi’s soft voice enchanted me since the first time I heard she singing in the studio. Add to these some wonderful musicians and we have 2 amazing albums.It’s really a pleasure to be involved in these projects.
Duda Mello

Goro: Great Composer and acoustic guitar player! His compositions are so nice! It was a really pleasure record with him in Rio. His Brazilian vibe in the compositions make me proud and happy about the relationship between Brazil and japan!! We are brothers! The music is unique! Thanks for compose!!
Naomi: What is her voice? So sweet…So soft! When I was born, my father Roberto Mendes, left Brazil to play in Japan. A place called Saci Perere. There was Lisa Ono with 17 years old starting her steps in the music world….Now I can still playing with you and fell the real music vibe. You guys (naomi & goro) are feeling our music better than us now…..And Naomi has a voice and the feeling to proof it!!!Thanks,
Rafael Barata (drums)